Who are the Independent Builders Network?

With 80+ members in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, Independent Builders Network is fast becoming a name you can trust.


The Independent Builders Network (IBN) began in 2009 with a view to assist smaller builders collectively increasing their professionalism through problem solving, collective purchasing power and sales channels to assist with taking on the volume builders.

Kevin Renwick had a history of helping the battler through his work in local government, state government with his Group Self Build initiative and then through his commercial venture, Franchising to local builders in 1993.

In fact, with the approval Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second, Kevin was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia by The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia in 2007 for his services to both the Community and the Building Industry! This industry experience has assisted in setting up a truely national, market leading network of specialist builders.

Today the Independent Builders Network comprises of well over 140-members throughout Eastern Australia combining their purchasing to provide affordable pricing whilst constructing innovative and dynamic designs that exemplify the Independent Builders Network Promise: Your home, Your builder

Kevin Renwick

The Renwick family in 1953

“I started IBN to help smaller local builders compete against the bigger volume builders as I found the smaller builders were disappearing from the market. Our system allows the smaller builders compete against the volume builders with the added value of superior quality. ”

Kevin Renwick, OAM, IBN Founder


Independent Builders Network (IBN) is a professional network of local builders, working together to offer home builders a higher quality, more personal & better value for money service, than the impersonal volume project builders.

Our expanding national network of builders, offer home builders certainty when it comes to a brand they can trust.

IBN Annual Conference - 2014