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What are the advantages of joining the Independent Builders Network?

Access to house plans

Access to 120+
House Plans

Are you lacking designs to show your clients?

Like Minded builders

Like Minded Network
of Builders

Wanting to talk with other like-minded builders?

Buying power

Buying Power,
Products & Accounts

Struggling with supplier pricing, products & accounts?

professional assistance


Looking for reliable professionals to assist your business?

industry experts


Seeking industry experts to answer your questions?

marketing opportunities


Do you feel your business may be missing out on marketing opportunities?

Promotion and Technology

& Technology

Wondering how to promote your company in the digital world?

new leads

Find & Close
New Leads

Looking for reliable professionals to assist your business?

industry training


In need of building industry training or need a refresher?

pricing and costing

& Costing

Stuck on house pricing and costings?

systems support


Are you asking yourself how other builders run their internal systems?

Growth opportunities


Thinking you could be doing more for your business?

Interested in joining the Independent Builders Network?

How does the Independent Builders Network benefit its members?

Our member builders retain their individuality as stand alone businesses.
They then benefit from the resources, buying power, training, systems and support of
the highly professional nationally expanding network.

We invest year on year into designs and continue to grow our plans library. A key item to be able to compete with any builder is designs and we put a focus into making sure that we have designs that suit all block types and keep withthe current market trends.

Benefits Include:

Over 120 designs available to use

Over 60 interchangeable facade images

Coloured design marketing brochures in print or web for all designs

Standard working drawings for all designs

Façade upgrade working drawings for majority of our designs

Stylised floor plans for all designs

High resolution facade imagery

8 design brochures to choose what designs best suit your market

Adaptable Living, First Home & Energy Efficient designs

All design have a detailed bill of quantities

Range specific designs broken into varying block types

A core part of the Independent Builders Network setup is networking and being able to talk with other builders in a non-competitive nature.

While not a first thought of builders looking to join IBN, once they are in they realise quite quickly how important it is and many deem this to be one of the main features of the IBN setup.

Benefits Include:

Network with builders in a non-competitive environment

Regular zone meetings to learn what others are doing

Input other builder practises into your own company

Training days & Conferences with other builders

Trade & Subcontractor sharing for specific areas

Possible display opportunities as a zone to share costs

Negotiate as a collective not as an individual in specific zones

Peer group training

Something that every builder can relate to is suppliers and this forms a crucial part of our network. We work closely with our supplier partners and negotiate on a regular basis to make sure our prices and products are market compatible. No longer talking to a supplier as an individual but a collective of builders quickly allows you to fast track your business and skip through the process of setting up suppliers.

Benefits Include:

Access to over 20 national suppliers

Access to local or state specific suppliers

Quality products with warranty focus

Display Home Support

Contracted suppliers negotiated regularly

Products specific to many markets

Brochures & Marketing Collateral made available

Product support to show rooms by selected suppliers

Contacts designated to the IBN account with each supplier

Suppliers attend meetings & national conference

Account setup assistance

Designated supplier manager to support your business

We have dedicated professional partners for all important parts of a construction company. Our professionals are a key part of the network as they allow our builder members access to different sides of their business to improve professionalism.

Benefits Include:

Dedicated drafting company for not only IBN designs but custom designs

Engineers for all types of construction

Insurance brokers who specialise in construction & warranty insurance

Digital marketing professionals & Graphic designers who specialise in web & social media

Finance brokers

Association with HIA

Professional consultants in the disability sector

Signage Specialists

Work place relation support

Estimating program association

GeoSite is a home siting system our members have access to (Geosite fee applies)

Several other professional companies are made available to you

Like having your own staff on board, the head office staff are there to assist you with your many needs.They specialise in particular parts of the construction industry and can be used to further enhance your knowledge or just assist you when needed.

Benefits Include:

Business Development

Sales & Marketing

Branding Assistance

Finance & Business Management

Leads Management & Client Assistance

Suppliers & Professionals


MentoringLand Developer Assistance

Signage & Marketing Collateral

Advertising Advice

Displays & Spec Homes

House Pricing

Internal Systems & CRM’s


We understand how important your time is and have developed marketing material that you can use immediately when you join. Development of marketing collateral that is useful to our builder members is extremely important to assist with professionalism and help clients better understand the IBN setup through our members.

Benefits Include:

Company Brochure & Newsletters

Adjustable House & Land Documents

IBNsider internal magazine

Signage Specific Templates

Presentation Folders

Branded clothing options

8 Range Design Brochures

Standard Inclusion 4-Page Overview

Standard Inclusion Selection Book

Adaptable Living Homes Brochure

Other adjustable templates

We have developed a setup that our members can choose to utilise, or you can setup your own as we have a professional company on board that can assist with any digital marketing needs.

Benefits Include:

Professional web page with continued updates

Design page that can be utilised on your website

Facebook setup with great information you can share

Detailed blogs that can be shared on your pages

YouTube videos on our designated channel

Pinterest Boards showing our work

Instagram & Houzz pages

Continued updates as the market changes

There are many marketing opportunities we get involved in to try and generate leads.

Benefits Include:

Attend major homes shows in Melbourne & Brisbane

Attend selected local home shows, ag shows, field days & expos

Assist in the online advertisements of displays

Promote Shop fronts through our digital marketing channels

Create & supply marketing material for member use

Advertise our members through social media outlets

Assistance with TV or Radio advertising

It is important to note that as part of the Independent Builders Network membership we cannot guarantee leads but we work tirelessly to gain them for you.

Ongoing training was requested by our members to further develop their business skills and it's become a great success. We speak to them regarding the kind of training they would like and seek out the best for the job. Some of the different companies that have presented are HIA, building contact lawyer, suppliers, professional, sales trainers and more. At our conference we target specific high-profile presenters and invite all of our supplier & professional partners who are there to assist our members.

Benefits Include:

Annual National Conference

Multiple state professional development days

Suppliers & professionals at zone meetings

Induction to IBN when you join

Product training through selected suppliers

Sales & Marketing Training

Establishing house pricing that a builder is comfortable with can be a daunting task especially when we have over 120 designs. We have developed standard pricing for all our designs it is now a great opportunity for you to create a price point for your specific area. All the IBN designs have a detailed bill of quantity done so you can price any design yourself or through a dedicated estimating system if you have one setup already.

Benefits Include:

Area specific pricing document

Detailed costing sheet for each design

Adjustable pricing docs to suit your area

Quick turn key pricing options

Bill of quantity for all standard designs

Standard Inclusion documents

Project spec documents (for client use)

Façade breakdown for quick upgrading

A key part of the IBN setup is our members and helping grow your business. Franchise setups rely on builders growing their company while leaving your own brand behind, but we are here to help grow your name and your business. When we say Your Home, Your Builder, we mean it and helping local builders remain prevalent in the industry is our goal.

Benefits Include:

Assist with local community opportunities

Your logo and details feature on the IBN website

Advertise as a local builder company

No limitations on where you can build

Allow you to promote your company first with IBN co-branded

No restrictions on how you would like to promote your company

Create marketing material that co-promotes your company

A critical part to any company is having a strong internal system setup that can be used to assist our members. We have spent many years developing and honing our internal systems so our members can have access to information at anytime and anywhere. We also run multiple CRM systems to help control client leads and company information. We can teach and show you how our systems best work to make life easier.

Benefits Include:

Keep In Touch is a CRM system we use to maintain client leads

Multiple procedure manuals are created for the different company offerings

We use systems like Box Net & Drop Box to control information

We run an internal CRM system to control our communications with builders

Office 365 controls the day to day business

MYOB allows our accounts to run smoothly

IBN Space is our internal system created to give our members access to all the IBN information at anytime and anywhere

It is important for us to keep up with the different market trends and see what our clients are looking for. Doing this has allowed IBN to get involved with many marketing opportunities that further enhance our company and create many opportunities for our members to be a part of.

Benefits Include:

Adaptable Living Homes

IBN First Homes


Interested in joining the Independent Builders Network?

With 80+ members in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, Independent Builders Network is fast becoming a name you can trust.