If it's good enough for Aston Martin...

"Take a gold leaf out of our book: Aston Martin"

Rosie Baker reports in the October edition of AdNews that Aston Martin has taken the step to move into below-the-line campaigns to stand out from the mass market brands.

Aston Martin Global Chief Marketing Officer, Markus Kramer says mass market brands are too rooted in traditional advertising models and haven’t evolved a way to add the human touch to marketing activity.

Does this sound familiar? And you may ask what is the similarity between and Independent Builders Network house and an Aston Martin and fair enough as the products might be worlds apart but we’re actually around the same price so it’s even closer than the motor vehicle market albeit the high-end luxury brands.

Rosie writes "The majority of marketing activity for brands such as Aston Martin is even based (Home Shows / Ag Shows) and focussed on highly personal experiential activities designed to show potential customers the lifestyle that is associated with the brand (Thermomix / Display Homes)."

The brand spends a great deal less than mass market brands generally spend on traditional advertising methods and Kramer believes other sectors could get better conversion and better return on investment by putting their marketing budget in less traditional methods.

“The mass end of the market is highly commoditised, and the consequence is that these guys can’t differentiate so easily,” Kramer tells AdNews. 

"Rather than pumping their money into traditional above-the-line and conventional awareness campaigns, I think if they could offer something really relevant and exciting that bonds consumers with their brand, it would be more effective."

Further to this, he notes that while brands have moved from TV advertising in the ‘50s towards digital as a way to interact with consumers, marketing in the mass market has not "evolved into the human dimension of creating the most relevant touchpoint with customers".

Most mass market brands have a much greater marketing budget than brands such as Aston Martin and investing it in different channels could pay dividends. 

Do we see whom we are competing within the building industry as mass brands and can we see the relevant point of difference we can add to make us stand out?

Remember, buying a house is the biggest, most highest-involvement purchase one can ever make in Australian day to day lives. 

Taking something away from one of the most recognisable high-end luxury brands in the world is not silly and if we can make our display homes more interactive, make people want to sit on that couch and watch TV, eat something from the Thermomix, enjoy the lifestyle that comes with an IBN built home then we are making ourselves the Aston Martin of the Building Industry!