Of all the elements of design, colour is the most powerful and personal. Colours are, by nature, an extension of our personality. Bold. Cool. Warm. Subtle. An expression of one’s self.

Subconsciously, colour can alter our perceptions, moods and emotions. So when it comes to the design of your home, choosing colour can be a very exciting prospect and it’s something that you want to get right.

"It’s important to use the same language, from landscape, to exterior, to interior" said, Ali Fenton, COLORBOND® steel’s Design and Colour Consultant. “A wholistic treatment produces great design outcomes, where all elements are united seamlessly, from start to finish.”


“Street appeal is highly valuable. From making first impressions, to being the darling of the street and, of course, let’s not forget re-sale! The roof of your home typically contributes to the largest visible surface texture and colour. So, there is a great opportunity to choose a material that resonates with a design-conscious audience” said Ali.


With an inspiring palette to choose from, COLORBOND® steel’s Matt finish offers a softer look in neutral tones, allowing you to make a sophisticated and personal design statement.


Choosing light, crisp, clean, neutral and grey colours to bring a roof to life and make it appear more expansive. They’re also worth considering when you’re choosing a colour with energy-efficiency in mind. Consider COLORBOND® steel in the colours Surfmist® Matt, Dune® Matt, or Shale Grey™ Matt.

Darker colours can also add depth and drama to a colour scheme and bring a striking urban style to your homes. Consider COLORBOND® steel in the colours Monument® Matt or Basalt® Matt.


"Materials like COLORBOND® steel Matt have raised the bar, providing designers with new possibilities for ambitious home projects. The subtlety of a matt surface means it can be incorporated to complement many styles. This provides endless flexibility and furthers the opportunity for a well-considered home. The understated changes between surface textures like COLORBOND® steel and COLORBOND® steel Matt for example, are a great way to achieve this delicate designer touch” said Ali.




Creating an outside living space that is an extension of the home doesn’t have to be difficult. Your outdoor living design and chosen colour scheme can make your space an integrated and permanent architectural feature of your homes design. So be sure to consider your homes style, design and colour when planning the outdoor space.


“Coordination of colour and texture sets the tone of your home, conveying an energy that envelops you, from outside to in.”


“This energy should flow from external to internal spaces, continuing throughout and encompassing outdoor rooms. Consistency in design is key. Selecting COLORBOND® steel or COLORBOND® steel Matt for roofs, gutters, fascia, walling and garage doors simplifies the process and provides comfort if wanting to link other outdoor elements at a later stage” said Ali.

Choosing softer, more neutral colours adds a designer touch to the appearance of your homes design and also adds a natural feel to your outdoor areas.


The COLORBOND® steel Matt range allows you to make stylish and defining design choices for modern home exteriors. With a choice of five of COLORBOND® steel’s neutral colours; Surfmist®,

Shale Grey™, Dune®, Basalt®, and Monument® to make your design statement.


“Traditional materials are being omitted and replaced by materials with a natural look and feel. Matte surfaces have become a captivating feature in design. From matte cars, nail polish, tapware, to complete matte kitchens. It’s a texture that mimics the softness often found in nature’s own design. COLORBOND® steel’s Matt finish enables this design language to continue through to external surfaces, ensuring visual consistency, discernible style and fulfilment of the desire to connect with nature” said Ali.


Made by Australia