Facades and making selection simple

How do we make it easier to select a facade?

The age old question when it comes to building a house is what is more important the facade or the design and what catches your eye? The answer depending on who you ask is a 50/50 split and both are extremely important but throughout this article I will give insight into the Independent Builders Network facades and how we make it easier for you too select.

A lot of building companies offer a wide selection of facades but when you select one they inform that it only fits certain designs and to modify it for your chosen home will cost a large amount which is a common technique to get you to fall in love with a facade you cannot have unless your willing to overpay.

So how do we do it better?   

We have worked extensively on developing a huge range of designs and facades to cover all our client needs but selection can be a mess so we have split them into 8 simple ranges which are:
Caribbean - First home and investor 
Executive - Narrow Blocks
Classique - Normal blocks
Family - Wide Blocks
Alpine - Split Level
Homestead - Acreage 
Panoramic - Corner Blocks
Scenic - Double Storey

All our designs a broken into one of these ranges and made to fit the selection of facades we have, so when you choose a design or facade you can either see which facade or design fits your choice without the added surprise of an enormous bill at the end.  

On our website we have a design selector which shows exactly what facade you can choose from but does not limit you. If you have your heart set on a design and facade we can made it happen be tell you up front what is involved.

Check out our designs and try the selector for yourself:

Want to simplify selecting even more?  Download our range specific brochure books and see for yourself:

Thanks for reading.