Home Automation

OK Google, lights on.

With the launch of Google Home earlier this year and the imminent release of the me-too Apple HomePod very soon, it wasn’t going to take long before home owners were going to start retrofitting their homes to be compatible with these exciting new tech gadgets that could make your life even easier.

Thanks to the recently launched Clipsal Iconic Range of switches that can be Bluetooth enabled and supported through their Nero lighting control, anyone who has seen the recent Google Home advertisement where the lady comes home and asks her Google Home to turn on the hallway lights, we can now make this a reality and it’s not future world dreaming. 

So imagine yourself in the same situation coming home with your hands full and asking the home to respond and it does! What an exciting time to build a new home indeed.

The Independent Builders Network will now start showcasing our very own “Light me up!” entry level automated home specification for future display homes with specific home ranges including this as standard for 2018 with lighting controls going to six switches through the Entry – Kitchen – Living Room areas.

Without having to worry about upgrades to your new home you can now have all of this taken care of thanks to IBN’s newly formed relationship with Clipsal EcoXpert Smart House Electrical. IBN will therefore make the “Light me up” fitout inclusive in the Scenic, Homestead, Executive, Classique, Family and Alpine Ranges (not applicable to Caribbean Range).

So moving into your new home in 2018 will include features such as controlling your lighting circuit through your smartphone, tablet or Google Home; wireless technology whilst still being able to manually use your switches, a professional warrantied installation with a one year support plan that is available seven days a week!

If this isn’t enough for you we thoroughly recommend sitting down with our amazing Clipsal Clipspec consultant and look at options of managing your energy usage via Wiser Link, automating security, blinds, climate and of course your audio visual through the home at an affordable price?

To learn more visit your local IBN Builder Member and have a look at our broad range of new home designs segmented to work with narrow, wide, corner, sloping and country blocks in both single and double storey designs.