IBN Home Ideas - The Mud Room

I recently attended Sheepvention held at Hamilton in the green western districts of Victoria, and it was great to talk with many farmers regarding new homes for their properties and looking for the right solution for living on the land and coming home.

What doesn’t get provided with builders bringing designs out of the city is the lack of a mud room. 

Whether you’re a cattle or sheep farmer, sowing rice or milking the cows, this design provides the owner with a unique new feature to be added to the Independent Builders Network stable of homestead designs with the very useful 'drop zone'.

Traditionally mud rooms allow the farmer to have a place to take off his or her boots, dirty clothing and store them in the clothes basket and clean up before entering the home. 

But why should it only be confined to the farmer and are you utilising the opportunity that this room could provide you with?

Why not give the kids an area to get dirty and also for them to clean up after a hard day in the backyard?

Could the mud room move away from the traditionally shared facility with the laundry and become the office as well?

One other thing to consider is do you need to spend a lot of money on the mud room in order to make it work?

Definitely not.

Here are some examples showing how simple hanging hooks and a bench seat can give you all you need in order to make a cleaner entrance to the home. As a little adjunct to an incumbent laundry, this makes the ideal practical and savvy spot in order to keep the home free from clutter with a lot of items used during the day stored overnight to give you a fresh and clean feel to the rest of the home.

Other options could be setting up a small home office in the precinct or even just setting up the drop zone for the kids to drop off their school bags without cluttering up the home. We even drew one up for a golf course estate home where it was almost your own locker room to change and store golf equipment which can take up a lot of space, all with a charging area for your cart of course! 

So whether you’re on a tight budget or have money to spend, there’s no need to forego the drop zone in your new home. As IBN Members work closely with their clients to customise around their needs, there is also no need to accept the city designed home for your rural block.

Written by Tim Renwick, Sales and Marketing Manager, Independent Builders Network