National Builder of the Year Awards 2018


Ever since joining the Independent Builders Network over five years ago, Mitch Butler has always been an absolute brand leader for IBN, representing his beloved Sunshine Coast with aplomb. 

Always the first to book in for our Annual Conference regardless of where it’s held, IBN has always come to count on Mitch and his overwhelming enthusiasm to encourage and inspire other Builder Members in the group. 

And with every working day, we also can count on Mitch to live and deliver the five key factors that make your local IBN Member, an outstanding Builder. 

Sincerity – Mitch is hands-on with his display home and can be found dealing directly with Clients and Prospective Clients each weekend, and they have an absolute joy working in with Mitch.

Excitement – with unquestionable enthusiasm, any conversation or experience with Mitch leaves you in no doubt his passion for building, helping others and networking with fellow IBN Members.

Competence – there are very few Builders that take their job in providing the biggest product anyone would ever buy, as seriously as what Mitch does, with every home carefully supervised and created with the attention that belies his strong size as a Builder.  Mitch never rests on his laurel and is always found at each Professional Development opportunity provided by IBN and he never stops learning and coaching others.

Sophistication –anyone who pays attention to the quality of work that Mitch does not only with his display home but with each design and specification he does with his clients, know that a good eye for the latest trend is what also drives Mitch to deliver a cultured product.

Ruggedness – we often say that the perfect IBN Member works hard and plays harder.  When we spoke earlier of Mitch’s passion for all things done to better his business, he also has a driven passion for his fishing and is often seen after hours taking the family camping and proudly displaying his mighty catches to anyone who cares to see.

After five years of consistent work, encouragement to others, support to IBN Head Office as well as fellow Members, 100% attendance at all training and conferencing, we don’t wish to take Mitch Butler for granted any longer and we are proud to finally reward Mitch with the IBN National Builder of the Year Award and we are sure the Sunshine Coast will know all about it!

Congratulations Mitch “Strong” Butler!