The Law of Unintended Consequences – Part II

How will the Government’s regulations affect the building industry?

We recently spoke about the positive side of Government isolation laws providing an opportunity for the building industry and how the isolation laws actually created new opportunities for Builders of SDA (Special Disability Accommodation) and NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) as families had been separated through these somewhat draconian rules.

Another positive outcome of the isolation rules ironically assisted Independent Builders Network Members with an opportunity, albeit regionally, with a new boom happening accordingly.

We say ironically as late in 2019, IBN started work on our “Push for the Bush” program which was going to culminate in a proper launch in April at the planned Melbourne HIA Home Show.  This initiative was going to be the main attraction for the show with IBN and guest industry speakers invited to talk each day on the benefits of regional living and over 20 Victorian Local Government Agencies supporting local IBN Builder Members with representing their towns and cities.

We had been actually invited to speak about this at the Sydney Home Show in March which coincidentally happened on the first weekend of the Covid-19 lockdowns so without an actual living crowd, this was received on line through the HIA Home Show social media followers.

IBN also had support from private land developers and we had prepared hundreds of example packages based around low deposit first home buyer homes, young family homes, Adaptable Living packages for retirees, empty nesters or people living with a disability as well as Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40 / 9.3 star energy efficient homes courtesy of our relationship with Bondor and InsulLiving ®.

Now, come April and of course we couldn’t promote the benefits of living regionally which were basically at a huge saving, you could have a real lifestyle having over 4,500 jobs being promoted through regional Victoria in January, 2020 and not having the rat race that comes with Melbourne living, you could leave for work for a 9 – 5 job at 8:45 in the morning and easily be home for a play with the kids not long after 5 in the afternoon!

One of the challenges of a huge tree or sea change was in fact the work situation and that would mean for some a career change, for others a “pivot” and for the rest of us probably just a change in working environment where you could work from home somehow?

That somehow turned in to a reality with the majority of the Victorian working population being told they must work from home and soon many were realising why would I work at home on a $500k+ mortgage when I could get rid of that mortgage and work from home in the country and actually have a safe environment to raise my family?

So if we get asked if we were disappointed to miss out on the April 2020 launch of “Push for the Bush” we can easily answer that our outcomes had been taken care of through the exact same reason we couldn’t publicly promote the initiative.  The new launch will be happening in April 2021 when the Melbourne Home Show resumes after a year hiatus but we are happy to report that regional land sales have never been stronger and the market has never been as confident before.

Please feel free to talk to us about how regional living is a positive and easy step to take?