Trust, The Important Fuel Keeping Us Going

Years ago there used to be a very smart bloke I worked for at a large house building group who taught me so much about life. He had a quirky, yet dry sense of humour and always had some compelling words of wisdom that always resonated deeply - more often than not, he proved to be right. Upon recommending that Builder for a good friend he told me “never build for Family or Friends” and at the time and place, this was sage advice indeed.

Sage advice for a large builder with many staff involved that was, and as I truly found out, this was not an immutable law of business in the building industry. Many years later I found myself working in a small family business which was a cooperative of smaller local Builders, in towns and cities of all varying sizes. What I learned about the customers of these builders is that they were thrilled with their hand-overs. The builder did the job right the first time as while maintaining a healthy relationship through the process and giving as much care to a high-end luxury home to the smaller first home for a young couple. Upon viewing the many photos of the so-called ‘happy handovers,’ there was much anecdotal evidence that why wouldn’t you build for your Family or Friends when you are so competent in the job and confident in what you do?

We at the Independent Builders Network strive to maintain five strong points of ethos and the first one we talk about is Sincerity. The explanation of this ethos is that our Builder Members are indeed generally family businesses and our point of difference from those large Building Franchises and Volume Builders, is that when you deal with an IBN Member, you are dealing directly with the builder. The IBN Builder will explain honestly what they deliver and will work towards that end product with communication all the way through. 

Our Members aren't sales consultants, nor client liaison staff - they are owners and directors of small to medium business and as their name is on the contract, they want to deliver the best product and service they can. Above all else, their name is important, and a lousy handover is no good short nor long-term.

So with this in mind, why wouldn’t our Members steer clear of Family or Friends when it comes to delivering the biggest purchase of someone’s life? As they say, don’t trust a skinny chef, would you trust a Builder that doesn’t give you their own phone number or the direct line to your Supervisor who is responsible for delivering the highest involvement product you will ever get to own? 

Have a think about that next time you consider who is the right Builder for your dream home.