Why choose a local builder?

The establishment of the Independent Builders Network was solely around the fact the smaller local builders were fast becoming a thing of the past with the major volume builders owning the market and leaving no room for the little guy.

When IBN discovered this, we knew we had a great opportunity to develop a national builders network that is solely focused on making the local builder more competitive in the market and offering what the bigger builders do. But let’s not stop there!

What sets the smaller builder apart from the others? High quality work and finish to your home, customer service that cannot be beaten and after sales service like no other. 

Why is this possible? Because we are not volume builders, we are local builders backed by IBN and retain our name in the local community we live in.

How is this possible? We allow our builders to do what they do best and that is build high quality homes, while in the background we have national supplier deals setup to cover all the products that go into your home. 

Over 100 designs are made available to the builders plus professional services to change these designs to suit your local area. 

We offer our members training to keep with market trends and building regulations. We network with other builders/members to maintain the highest quality services, that’s right builders working together not against each other.

Another big part of our network is supporting locally and committing to the community you live in. We use local tradespeople whenever we can, we are part of local marketing promotions and support the various community functions. To IBN this is one of the most important factors in our service offerings. 

So next time you are looking to build, an Independent Builder is perfect for you and your community.

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