Yes, we are open!

IBN & its builder members are open for business and working harder than ever in this unforeseen time.

When the World is Running Down, Can you Make the Best of What’s Still Around?


40-years ago this year, Gordon Sumner aka Sting, wrote some foreboding words on his 4th single from The Police’s 3rd uniquely named Zenyatta Mondatta album titled “When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around.”


This single played alongside “Driven to Tears” and whilst not one of The Police’s greatest hits, it still reached Number 3 in the charts and did okay for them.

But beside the music lesson, could each side of this single give you a scope as to how you are reacting to the current crisis and whilst the World is most certainly running down like we could never, ever have imagined, are you Driven to Tears or are you Making the Best of What’s Still Around?

Here at the Independent Builders Network like many malleable small businesses, we have managed to move with the times in such efficiently expeditious time and with the help of simple and wonderful modern technology it feels we haven’t missed a beat.

By keeping our business structure to a very low overhead in the first place, and teaching that practise to our Builder Members, the huge hit that came with drastic economy meant that only some subtle changes were needed to move with the times and hopefully thrive once this period is finally over.

With the help of programs like Zoom which seems to be synonymous with Covid Crisis Business Management 101, already we have managed to reach out to numerous IBN Members and guide them with topics such as finding work through the current times, accountancy guidance, legal ramifications and more to come including banking and finance, human resource management, promotions in the current climate and even handling depression!

Keeping in mind, that most of these topics are probably being taught at the volume builders, but the IBN Builders aren’t cutting costs such as personnel and hacking at customer service as a result of what’s going on right now and with what IBN brings to the table, means that you get the best of both worlds with your smaller local builder right now.

So not only is your local IBN Builder Member still open, they’re working diligently with the latest knowledge and keeping a tight business practise with first class quality control, even whilst the world is running down!