Our Suppliers

The Independent Builders Network is strongly backed by a national & local supplier network.

Suppliers & Professionals

The Independent Builders Network prides itself on working with highly reputable suppliers & professionals who lead the market in product, service and initiative. We partner with these companies as they have proven over many years that they are the best in the business and can deliver the highest quality product & service to our clients.

When looking to build a new home we sometimes get lost in what the suppliers and professionals products stand for and how they will hold up over the journey of time. Our supplier and professional partners take great pride in what they will deliver to you and they are the reason for our moto ‘To build the highest quality home, you must have the highest quality suppliers’.

“When it comes to suppliers there is a very simple solution, To build the highest quality homes you must have the highest quality suppliers... and we do. Our suppliers are market leaders who create the standards not just follow them.”

Jason Aiossa, IBN National Purchasing Manager